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Welcome and introduction

Hello and welcome to this web site about voicing issues. Sometimes life seems to be far too complicated and the opportunity to participate with voicing issues can seem too far away. Voicing issues can be much easier if you are well organised. So I am building this site to organise issues that are surrounding me.

Like many other people in life I am starting to realise that green issues are important and therefore I need to explore green issues in order to implement changes in my life style. Buying fairtrade products is something that I try to do and I'm always on the the lookout for new fair trade goods on the shop shelf. Voice recognition software is also a voicing issue for me and I'm also keen to learn about useful open source software. Of course there are many other issues that need voicing and no doubt they will start to appear on this site. However I have to make a start somewhere and I think I have made a good start. As I am a disabled person I certainly have many issues to voice in hope of a more inclusive society in the future. Look at the site map to find out what contents is on this site at present.




I started to enjoy coffee when I was about four years old. Then like many kids I had already acquired a taste for chocolate. Chocolate and coffee seem to go so well together. I never gave a thought as to where coffee or chocolate came from. It was just something you brought from a shop. As one gets older one becomes a little wiser and realises that many western countries take advantage of poorer countries in order to acquire goods like coffee and chocolate at extremely low prices. This keeps residents of these countries in extreme poverty. To me this seems like a form of slavery.

Therefore I would very much like to see big changes so these bad practices don't continue. One solution to this problem is something we can all participate with in western countries and that is to buy fair trade products. Buying fair trade products ensures the people who produce these products get a decent wage for the work they do. Buying fair trade also helps me to enjoy my coffee and chocolate that much more. Of course it's not just coffee and chocolate there's all sorts of fair trade goods like sugar, fruit and many other groceries along with many other goods including clothing and furniture. I have set up a page of fairtrade links just in case you would like to explore this issue of fairtrade further.

Disclaimer / Terms and Conditions.

Please note that you must take responsibility for checking the information on this page or other pages on this site, is genuine and safe to use for your purposes. I cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of information displayed on this site. If you use any of the links found on this site you must also take responsibility to ensure they are genuine and safe for your purposes too. I have severe dyslexia and rely on voice recognition software along with text to speech software. It's very easy for myself to make mistakes. The Internet has many dangers including counterfeit sites and while I try hard to ensure sites linked to our genuine I cannot guarantee this.

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