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My journey seeking a greener life style.

By Andy

Hi I am Andy, and one of the issues I wanted to include on this site. Was green issues as I believe this is something we have no choice, but to take on board in our every day life. I guess it can look so complicated or so expensive to be green. Perhaps making many of us to give up on this concept. Well I started thinking back to when I started buying fairtrade goods. This was difficult to find fairtrade things in the shops and it looked so expensive. However after a while I found fair trade items at reasonable cost and took the attitude that I could buy smaller quantities of foods like coffee and chocolate and enjoy them much more knowing they were fairtrade. I also found it so exciting when I found a new fair trade product in a shop somewhere.

I can remember telling my brother how disappointing a fairtrade cake was. Because in the list of ingredients the cake made reference that only 30 per cent was fairtrade ingredients. My brother quoted something to me that he heard from somewhere else "if a job is worth doing its worth doing badly" he then went on to explain that "it's better to do some thing how ever little than nothing at all".

Now to get back to green issues. It might look like a giant mountain to climb and it also might look very expensive. Then I started thinking perhaps I should adopt the attitude "if a job is worth doing its worth doing badly" ie it's better to do something green than nothing at all. Now that giant mountain to climb can look even harder when you are disabled. I have multiple impairments so I can understand just how daunting some obstacles can look. However I am starting with the little steps and working my way up slowly.

I use energy saving lightbulbs and have done for some time. I'm now not using some of the energy saving lightbulbs because I have started using even more energy saving LED light in some areas of my home. Last year I purchased a standard little travel kettle this is brilliant. I measure the exact amount of water I need to make a cup of coffee. I also turn the kettle off just before it starts to boil the water still gets up to boiling point due to the heat remaining in the element. I use every drop of water I boil because I only boil the exact amount I need. I work out that I can get the cost of the kettle back in roughly one year. So that wasn't expensive was it? So I guess we can still do green things that aren't expensive.

My electricity bill for three months is normally about £100 last year electricity went up by about 30 per cent yet my electricity bill that I received in December was just under £80. So I have saved roughly £50 on my electricity bill. In three months I've saved £50 just by being more energy conscious and very careful with what electric I use. Now I'm starting to think that being green doesn't have to mean being expensive!

Sometimes I do try and get too clever. I wanted to try and make my transport situation greener. As I am a wheelchair user finding a greener vehicle isn't easy. Thinking about it finding any vehicle suitable for my wheelchair needs takes a lot of hard work. Anyway I found this little diesel car that is very economic and thought I found a solution for getting my wheelchair in the car by myself. Only this project idea didn't quite work out. It was so close just a couple of inches regarding how far forward a front seat could be relocated to allow enough room for my wheelchair. So my vehicle plans are back to square one and my brain is constantly thinking of new ideas for my transport needs.

Well I have been inventive with other ideas I'm using to be greener and I have a brain flooded with lots of other ideas that need investigating. However for now I'm going to have a pause with this article and will tell you about my ideas on another day. If you would like to make any suggestions of have any helpful information that you think would be useful for me please feel welcome to contact me. See a link for contact information on the site map, for this site.

Although before I have my break I would just like to mention how thankful I am for the BBC series "it's not easy being green". This TV series has given me much encouragement.

Apologies if there are any mistakes I use voice recognition software due to my impairments and often don't notice mistakes.

Many thanks for your time.

6th March 2009 




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